Keep It Simple

How It Works

1  Pick A Bin

  • Select the ideal size bin for your project. Whether you are cleaning out your house or have a large construction waste disposal, we have the perfect bin size for you.

2  Schedule A Delivery

  • We will deliver and pick up your bin at the location you provide. Simply choose a date and time for your drop off and pick up and our team of experts will do the rest. We also offer same day delivery when you order during the a.m. hours.

3  We Do The Rest

  • When you have finished with your project, or the bin has reached its capacity, we pick it up and safely dispose of all of your waste. Please be sure to check our list of accepted materials.

What is acceptable

Waste Materials


  • Non hazardous waste
  • Construction refuse
  • Garden refuse

Not Accepted

  • Hazardous waste not limited to: oil paint chemicals solvents asbestos
  • Contaminated clean fill loads will be charged $98 per tonne

Bin Size


14 Yard Bins


  • Mixed Garbage
  • Includes 1.5 tonnes of weight
  • $115 Per Tonne above the two tonne allotment

14 Yard Bins


  • Dirt/Clean Fill
  • Unlimited weight

20 Yard Bins


  • Garbage
  • Includes 2.5 tonnes of weight
  • $115 Per Tonne above the two tonne allotment

40 Yard Bins


  • Garbage
  • Includes 3.5 tonnes of weight
  • $115 Per Tonne above the three tonne allotment